About Us

Craft Mart is an initiative to promote handmade accessories globally. It is a platform for handmade craft producers as well as consumers who have patience and

appreciate handcrafted accessories and want to explore new ways of consumption and living, now it’s under your gadget clicks. Our infatuation is to discover original producers of high quality handicrafts, material and organic colors with a genuine tale behind them. In the design preferences we intend to keep the traditional essence of craft but in some case we guide the artisan to make it contemporary  and more practical.   During the past couple of years Craft Mart has made successful original connections in Asia, Latin America, Africa and some European developing countries. These artisans have a long tradition in craft making; in most of the cases they have got the skill from their ancestor and are expert in particular skill. The identified artisans go through a skill assessment process and get required trainings if essential.  Aim of the initiative is to work with the producers directly at grass root level and give them a fair remuneration. Our intension is to facilitate artisans to keep the ethnicity of their skill alive in a manner that facilitates them to increase their daily income and emphasis on sustainable business. This is a small considerate initiative but long way to go and to thrive entire craft community. Craft Mart is not just an online shop where you can buy handcrafted organic colored and fair-trade accessories but same time you can get to know the story of the producer. Buying art and craft is something like you bought the particular artisan’s life time that he or she spent while making it.  But also a space to introduce people, places and ideas that all contribute to our ultimate goal: a life that is inspired by style as well as sustainability.  
Mission We intend that the producers get fair wedges to help themselves and they are working with social standards. The social standards clearly administrate and based on the working environment in the operations:

  • Voluntary employment
  • No excessive work hours
  • Decent working conditions
  • No Discrimination in employment conditions
  • No child labor
  • Respect of the freedom of association and the right to collective wage negotiations
  • Payment of a living wage
  • Employment relationship

 Anybody and everybody can showcase their products with us who fulfill the above conditions and ILO working standards.

Craft Mart
craftmart.de Leipzig, Saxony 04229 DE
Phone: +4915776146534 Website: https://craftmart.de